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Works by Composer DUSSEK, JAN LADISLAV

(arr. Burmester) Menuett.“

Joseph Joachim 

12 Études mélodiques, op. 16; Fantasie in F, op. 76

Vincenzo Paolini 

COMPLETE PIANO SONATAS,: Volume 3: Grand Sonata in G Minor, Op. 10, No. 2; Sonata in G, Op. 35, No. 2; Grand Sonata in E-Flat, Op. 75

Frederick Marvin 

Concerto for Two Pianos, op 63

John Barbirolli 

Concerto in B♭ for 2 Pianos, op. 63. Piano Quintet in f, op. 43. Notturno concertante in E♭, op. 68

Olga Pashchenko 

Concerto in E♭ for Harp and Orchestra, op. 15

Roberta Alessandrini 

Concerto in E♭ for Harp and Orchestra, Op. ?5

Dagmar Platilová 

Concertos for Piano and Orchestra: in G Minor, op. 49/50, Craw WVZ 187; in B♭, op. 22, Craw WVZ 97. The Sufferings of the Queen of France, op. 23, Craw WVZ 98

Andreas Staier 

Duet for Harp and Pianoforte in B♭, op. 38. Piano Sonata No. 24 in f♯, op. 61. Duettino No. 2 in F. Sonata for Solo Harp in E♭, op. 34. Duo concertant in B♭, op. 69/1

Masumi Nagasawa 

Duos Concertants, op. 69/1 and 3

Joanna Leach 

La Chasse

Arthur Loesser 

La Mort de Marie Antoinette. Variations sur “God Save the King. “

Jean-Patrice Brosse 

Les souffrances de la reine de France, op. 23

David Kadouch 

Marie Antoinette

Andreas Staier  

Menuet du Carême

Antonin Kubalek 



Piano Concerto in B, op. 70. Piano Sonata in f♯, op. 61, “Elégie harmonique.“ Piano Sonata in A♭, op. 64, “Le retour à Paris“

Jan Novotný 

Piano Concerto in C, op. 29

Howard Shelley 

Piano Concerto in E♭, op. 70

Howard Shelley 

Piano Concerto in G, op. 1/3

Howard Shelley 

Piano Concertos: in B♭, op. 22; in g, op. 49

Andreas Staier  

Piano Concertos: in E♭, op. 3; in F, op. 14; in g, op. 49

Howard Shelley 

Piano Quintet in f, op. 41

Nepomuk Fortepiano Qnt 

Piano Sonata in F Minor, op. 77

Rudolf Firkušný 

Piano Sonata in F minor, Op. 77 (“L'Invocation“). Rondo (“Les Adieux“). 12 Études Mélodiques, Op. 16: No. 3; No. 5; No. 11

Jan Panenka 

Piano Sonata in F♯ minor, Op. 61 (“Élégie Harmonique“)

Constance Keene 

Piano Sonata in f♯, op. 61, "Élégie Harmonique"

Joanna Leach 

Piano Sonata in f♯, “Élégie harmonique sur la mort de son Altesse Royale le Prince Louis-Ferdinand de Prusse”

Jean-Efflam Bavouzet 

Piano Sonatas, op. 35: No. 1 in B♭; No. 2 in G; No. 3 in C Minor. Piano Sonata in D, op. 31, no. 2

Andreas Staier 

Piano Sonatas: in A♭, op. 5/3; in B♭, op. 24; in A, op. 43; in f♯, op. 61, “Elégie harmonique sur la mort de Louis Ferdinand”

Tuija Hakkila 

Piano Sonatas: in A♭, op. 70, “La retour à Paris”; in f, op. 77, “L’invocation”

Anna de Dadelsen 

Piano Sonatas: in A♭, op. 70, “Le retour à Paris”; in f, op. 77, “L’invocation”

Anna de Dadelsen 

Piano Sonatas: in f, “L’invocation”; in B♭, op. 9/1; in C, op. 9/2; in D, op. 9/3

Markus Becker 

Piano Sonatas: No. 1 in B♭, op. 9/1; No. 2 in C, op. 9/2; No. 3 in D, op. 9/3; No. 27 in E♭, op 75/3

Viviana Sofronitsky 

Piano Sonatas: No. 26 in A♭, op. 64, “Le retour à Paris“; No. 61 in f♯, op. 61, “Elégie harmonique“; No. 18 in B♭, op. 44, “The Farewell“

Markus Becker 

Piano Sonatas: No. 26 in A♭; No. 61 in f♯; No. 18 in E♭


Piano Sonatas: op. 10/1–3; op. 31/2

Bart van Oort 

Piano Sonatas: op. 44, “The Farewell”; op. 77, “L’invocation”

Alexei Lubimov 

Piano Trios: in F, op. 20/3; in B♭, op. 24/3. Sonatas with Scotch and German Airs: in B♭,op. 31/1; in D, op. 31/2; in C, op. 31/3

Tr 1790 

Rondo on “O dear, what can the matter be?“

Alan Cuckson 

Sonata for Harp

Erica Goodman 

Sonata in A. Sonata in D. Variations in c. Fantasie

Alena Hönigová 

Sonata in Ab, op. 5, no. 3

André Raynaud 

Sonata in B-Flat for Violin, Cello, and Harp

Giselle Herbert 

Sonata in B-Flat, Op. 23: First movement

Richard Burnett 

Sonata in B♭, op. 45/1

Steffen Horn 

Sonata in C Minor

Jutta Zoff 

Sonata in C minor for Harp

Erica Goodman 
Isabelle Moretti 

Sonata in C Minor for Harp

Elena Zaniboni 
Gabriella Dall’Olio 

Sonata in E♭, “The Farewell”

Malcolm Bilson 

Sonata in f♯

Olga Paschenko 

Sonata No. 2 in E♭ for Harp, op. 34

Roberta Alessandrini 


Frederick Marvin

Sonatas for Harp: in E♭, op. 34, no. 1; in F; in B♭. Sophia Corri

Elena Zaniboni 

Sonatas for Piano 4 Hands: in C, op. 48; in C, op. 32. Grand Sonata for Piano 4 Hands in B♭, op. 74; Fugues for Piano 4 Hands, op. 64

Adrienne Soós 

Sonatas for Piano and Violin, Op. 69, Nos. 1 and 2

Paul Kling 

Sonatas, Volume, 2. Fantasia and Fugue in F Minor, op. 55. Piano Sonatas: in P* Minor, op. 61 (“Elégie harmonique“); in Ab, op. 64 (“Le Retour à Paris“)

Andreas Staier 

Sonatinas, Op. 20: No. 7 in G; No. 4 in A

Hans Kann 

Symphonies: in G, Altner G4; in B♭, Altner B♭2; in A, Altner A3; in B♭, Altner B♭3

Aapo Häkkinen  

The Brunswick March

Martin Haselböck 

The Sufferings of the Queen of France

Igor Kipnis 


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